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Elliott |

This kid is charming. He is always ready with a smile so big and expressive that it makes his eyes twinkle.

He’s got 2 teeth and 2 on the way. He wants to eat whatever we are eating, but his favorite foods are bananas and cheese. We sit together for breakfast and dinner and he is occupied with methodically picking up food, squishing it, tasting it and throwing it while we enjoy our own meals. Those are my favorite times of day.

He babbles mamamamamamama and it makes my heart melt. Jason is trying to get him to say dada, to which he replies again mamamama and we both laugh.

He is not super cuddly and prefers to be on the move army crawling around the house. He pushes off with one foot while the other waves in the air, simultaneously pulling himself with his hands around on his belly. He also loves to jump in his jumper and dance while Jason holds him in front of a speaker.

He likes to sit back on his legs and dig through his toy crate and carefully examine his toys while playing. He turns them over and over again in his hands trying to see them from every angle. Light switches are also a source of fascination and every morning he helps Jason turn on the lights.

He often chases my feet while I’m cooking and if I say “Elliott, I’m going to pick you up” he stops what he’s doing and puts his arms to the side readying himself to be lifted.

His giggles are the best. We tickle him and make silly noises and faces just to hear him laugh.

This kid is my favorite.



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