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Weekend Adventures |


I had such a nice weekend and wanted to share some of my favorite things with you.

  • Biking everywhere! I got a new road bike on craigslist and traveling the city this way has been a whole new world. Different parts of the city feel way more accessible.
  • I finally got the chance to visit the bulk vintage warehouse in Kensington. The place is HUGE with boxes and boxes of presorted vintage clothing on the cheap.
  • I had a the best bagel with cream cheese and home made strawberry and thyme jam from the Soup Kitchen.
  • Jason and I biked to Chinatown to check out this restaurant called Tasty Place. It’s in the corner of an underground grocery store. I like it because it’s so hidden and it feels like a secret. I’m also mildly obsessed with salt baked chicken wings with chili sauce. So good!

Bartering Follow-up

Bartering | We Made it Home


Remember how I was telling you about my adventures in bartering? Well I wanted to share this beauty with you. I was commissioned by my friend Lydia to make some ceramic pieces for a gift and when she asked me for pricing I was hoping that she would be up for a swap because she makes the most beautiful woven rugs. Fortunately she was, and this lovely piece of art will now have a home in our guest room.

She has retired from weaving for the time being in favor of being a doula and awesome mom, but you can see more of her weavings here.