Monthly Archives: August 2015


Time is different now that I’m a stay at home mom. It is unpredictable. There are blocks of coveted time during naps when I run around and try to get a few things done. Those naps are fleeting, I’m still never really sure when they will begin or when they will end so I try to make the most of that precious free time. Lately I’ve been making what I’ve been calling “gifts for my future self” in those free moments. I have been making frozen cookie dough and frozen biscuits that I can cook in our toaster oven for later when my hands are full and I am tired and the only thing that will make the world better is a fresh baked cookie or a biscuit with some jelly. Future self is always so thankful for past self for the sweet treats.

The biscuit recipe I use is from the back of the self rising flour package :)
Lately I’ve been enjoying this cookie recipe.
AND I am obsessed with this cookie scoop it makes cookie and tiny biscuit making so much easier.