Learning to love winter & Hygge



I’ve been reading a lot about the Danish idea of Hygge. It’s a word that roughly translated means “cozy” but encompasses untranslatable feelings of warmth, comfort, and companionship. Hygge is one of the reasons that despite having long cold winters Danes are still ranked among the happiest people on earth. I am not a big fan of winter, after the lights of the holidays go out I usually get a long bout of seasonal affective disorder. Here are some of my hygge inspired coping mechanisms I plan on employing.

  • LIGHT: Lots of aromatherapy candles spread throughout the house in energizing scents.
  • BLANKETS: big cozy ones in big piles
  • COMFORT FOOD: Bowls of Soup, cups of tea, oatmeal, roast chicken
  • FRIENDS: I think my winter needs more laughter. A couple weeks ago we went to a neighbors house, I brought cookies and tea. We sat in front of their wood stove and chatted for hours. It definitely brightened my dreary day.
  • COZY SHOWS: Thank the Lord that we will have Downton Abbey to look forward to January 4th. (Let me know if you have any other recommendations!)
  • WARM CLOTHES: The Danes also say, “there’s┬áno bad weather, just bad clothing”. I think that bundling up and getting whatever sunshine I can would be enormously helpful for my well being.

Do you have any Winter coping strategies?


2 thoughts on “Learning to love winter & Hygge

  1. Traci

    Downton Abbey is a great thing to look forward to! Do you also watch Call the Midwife? I’d recommend it. So many bits of humor in that one, too. Otherwise, good smells and creating as much as I can always helps me through winter blahs.

  2. Victoria W.

    Try “Gilmore Girls”. It is heart warming, modern, great script. Netflix streaming if you have netflix. Otherwise local library.
    A heavy blanket. Yes, it has to be heavy.
    A decent book. it is easier to find a decent book.
    A handy crafts, knitting, needleworks, paint or just doodle.
    Play some music with instrument or from mp3 player, sing a song,
    Sorry food is not my thing.


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