Life Lately

I was looking over my goals for 2014 and laughing. This year has been an eventful one, but not because I accomplished even half of the things on my list. I have been reminded over and over that as much as I want to plan, sometimes we are called to give in and be along for the ride.

Here is a snapshot of our roller coaster.


It has been amazing to watch these events unfold and see how we have been provided for. We are so thankful that we had an emergency fund in place and very few expenses when Jason got laid off. It made that initial “oh shit” feeling momentary. It also pushed us outside of our comfort zones to go and get some really interesting freelance gigs that we would have been really intimidated by other wise.

And hooray for Baby Harmon!

Other notable highlights


2 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Traci

    WOW, what a crazy year you’ve had! It looks like everything has come out for the best in the end. Also, is it awesome to be freelancing for Anthropologie?

    1. Haley Post author

      Traci it’s been wonderful! I’m so thankful for it. And yes this year has been b-a-n-a-n-a-s :)

      Also I love your blog. It’s super cute!


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