Inspired By Dachas

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Urban living can be taxing especially in the Summer. It’s hot and smelly, and crime rates go up. I dream of having a Philly version of a Dacha. Dacha’s are country houses outside the cities of Russia where people escape to during the warmer months. They are traditionally pretty rustic with no plumbing or electricity and on less than .15 acres of land. But they are places where the working class are able to escape to the country, to grow their own food, and enjoy nature.

Who’s with me? Plot of land just off the regional rail line?

One thought on “Inspired By Dachas

  1. Liz

    My laptop powercord broke a couple weeks back. Rather than going to buy a new one straight off, I decided post a request on Facebook. I was able to save $80 and put to good use something that had been cast aside by someone else.

    Inspired by your theory on provisions. :)


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