Craigslist Miracle

Craigslist Miracles

I had been thinking about getting a new sewing machine. I was making leather baby booties for a craft show and my target special sewing machine was not cutting it. So I started looking on craigslist for possible options, industrial machines were $600+ and I couldn’t justify that investment. I thought that I would pray about it and wait. This would be a good time to mention that I have a weird theory on provisions that you can read here.

So I waited, and then a few weeks later we went on and adventure to Baltimore and I met a nice lady who had been making leather bags. She was showing me her set up when Jason pointed to the machine she was using. It was the exact same kind that we had sitting on our mantle for decoration. It was a machine that Jason had purchased for his Mom as a Christmas gift years before and we inherited it back when Jason’s Mom passed away. It turns out that it is a highly sought after sewing machine because it is so strong. I was so excited that we ALREADY HAD THE MACHINE I NEEDED!

There was a problem though, the machine was locked and not in usable condition. I took it to a sewing machine repair shop in Philly and they said that they could not fix it. I was starting to think that it wasn’t meant to be so I was perusing craigslist for similar machines. I found one that was beautiful, and when I inquired about it I was really disappointed to find out that it had been sold. I noticed the craigslist seller had a couple beautiful machines for sale so I asked where he had his machines serviced in hopes that I could find someone who could fix our sewing machine. It turns out that the seller was a retired sewing machine repair man and said he would take a look at our machine. I drove it to his house and he said no problem, fixed it for a deeply discounted rate and he found me an old antique solid walnut table that was designed for our exact machine. All of it made me so happy! I am so pleased that I will be able to use this machine that has sentimental value to my family to create new heirlooms. What a blessing!

I have so many stories like this! My new bike has it’s own weird story, as does this white shirt. They are provisions!

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  1. Liz

    I have my grandmother’s Singer featherweight machine. I love it for so many reasons. Enjoy your new toy; it will last forever!


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