Spring Wardrobe

clothesI have been challenging myself to make some of my own clothes for the new Spring season. I am very much a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl so I am trying to keep things simple. The bottom shirts were made from a thrifted scarf and bed sheet. The dress was made from a tapestry that I had and over-dyed with indigo. I made patterns by tracing clothes that I already have on butcher paper. The shoes are Turkish and hand made. They were found at a consignment shop while visiting my Aunt Barb in the DC suburbs. The ceramic necklace is one that I made in my kiln. I really love all the pieces because I feel like I could wear them everyday and all of the fabrics were soft and cotton. I’m thinking about doing a tutorial on drafting your own sewing patterns. Is that something that would interest you guys?

Now I am ready for short sleeve weather!

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