CAR WASH: Week 11 Challenge

Car wash wemadeithome.comYes those are my nerdy artsy car wash photos. This week’s challenge is to get off all that road salt, dust and grime off of your car! I love going through the carwash, it reminds me of being a little kid. It was a nice treat. Then I vacuumed out the car myself. I’ve got a crazy system for vacuuming out the car since you really have to scramble once you put in that last quarter.

  • Before I leave I take out any big things from the car.
  • Once I get to the car wash I take out all of the car mats and shake them out and put them in a pile on the ground.
  • I also pick up all the bits of paper and what not and throw them away.
  • I open the doors.
  • Put in the quarters and vacuum out the floorboards
  • Then you usually have to add some more quarters to finish the trunk and finally your stack of mats.

I also don’t know how I made it this far in life without knowing that you can put your floor mats in your washer. Man that’s a game changer. I came home and threw them in on the gentle cycle with laundry detergent and they look awesome.

Also here’s my update to last week’s challenge. We packed up 4 boxes before we both got hit with the flu last week. It was such a bummer, but Jason and I are both feeling much better now. I guess every little bit helps. Sorry that there was no artful way to photograph our junk.


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