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My hoarding tends to end up in categories. I tell myself that it’s okay if I have a lot of                . Then once permission is granted it slowly creeps out of control. I talked about how I overcame my clothing addiction in an earlier post, but there are still things that I really struggle to let go of.

Here are some of my hoarding categories:

  • PLANTS: I have a crazy amount of indoor plants. I will buy them at the grocery store, ikea, inherit them from friends, and GROW MORE OF THEM. It’s never ending. Also I’ve noticed that I don’t really get to enjoy most of them because we only have so many windows and a lot of them end up behind closed curtains. I want to pick my favorites and rearrange them in places where I actually get to enjoy how pretty they are. I would also love to have a plant swap/adoption where I can give away some of the plants that I have multiples of or am just not that into anymore.
  • BOOKS: Dear lord I love books. Especially pretty inspirational art books and cookbooks. But I rarely use them. I am much more likely to head to the internet for a quick recipe or ideas. How do you feel about having tons of books?
  • TEXTILES: I have stacks of blankets around the house and rugs in the basement. I don’t know when I am going to get sick of a certain rug and want to replace it, but I have yet to exchange a rug with one in the basement. I also tell myself that blankets are functional and beautiful, so what’s the harm in having lots of them?
  • MULTIPLES OF FUNCTIONAL THINGS: My friend Amy makes fun of me because our basement looks like a good will. It’s got racks of things like jars, vases and kitchenware on shelves waiting for the day when we are ready for a “new one”. I keep telling myself that it’s my version of Martha’s prop closet.
  • KITCHEN GADGETS: We do a lot of cooking and it shows. We have so many utensils, gadgets, pots and pans. Most of them get a lot of use, but our kitchen is also bursting at the seams.
  • EPHEMERA: Real life letters, birth announcements, and cards these are things that I have a lot of trouble giving away. Especially because letters are so rare these days. I also keep business cards, and certain flyers from craft shows or stores to remind me of ideas or inspiration but I rarely revisit them.
  • ART SUPPLIES: You never know when you will be inspired to make something and that wood burning set you have buried away will come in handy. Right?

Am I crazy? Is this normal? Are there things that you allow yourself to hoard? Do I need to whittle down my possessions to 100 things? Do you have experience getting over giving these things away?

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4 thoughts on “THINGS I HOARD

  1. Liz

    I love getting rid of stuff. I definitely still have things I do not need (or, to be honest, do not use), but I enjoy the simplicity of having less. My sisters and I play “LBH” (while one sister cleans out her closets, the other sister lays on the bedm saying “Let’s Be Honest”… do you really need that? REALLY?). Though I still have silly things sitting around unnecessarily– sturdy boxes to mail packages, cute jam jars, fabric selvage for… Lord, who knows what!

    I heard someone say once that every little thing you own takes up a space in your mind. Now that’s motivating.

    1. Haley Post author

      Liz I love the Let’s Be Honest approach and that made me wish I had a sister :). Also my brain feels pretty full, maybe all this stuff is a part of the problem. I love your comments!

  2. Ashley S

    Haley! I came here for your spinach pesto recipe and got side-tracked by this post. Have you ever heard of/read the book ‘Organized Simplicity’? It’s great and she talks a lot about this stuff. 2 thoughts:
    – I heard that you should only keep the books that you love/changed your life or that you will reference again. As far as cookbooks, I do reference them enough to justify them, I don’t think you can have too many!
    – In the book I referenced above, she says that if you don’t use a kitchen gadget in a 3-month period, you should get rid of it. But I have an ice cream maker that I use maybe once or twice a year that I would never get rid of, so I say if you have the space, and they will save you money elsewhere (ie, you can make something rather than buy it) then it’s justified.

    I have no room to talk, you should see my basement, except it’s not organized, it’s just complete chaos.

    1. Haley Post author

      Hi Ashley!

      Those tips are great, and I have never read Organized Simplicty but I would love to check it out. I’ll have to go through my books with the “did this change my life” frame of mind. I hope you liked the spinach pesto!


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