February is my least favorite month. The novelty of snow has worn off and cabin fever has set in. Then there is that hallmark holiday coming up this week that I know most people have a love hate relationship with. I like the idea of celebrating love though, and I will take thoughts of chocolates and valentines over thoughts of frigid winter weather any day.

I thought it would be fun to compile some fun things to do for Valentine’s Day that didn’t include weird coupons, stargazing, or recreating your first date. This week’s challenge is to embrace a couple of them.

  • Celebrate on February 15th with seriously discounted chocolates.
  • Spin the wheel on your UrbanSpoon App and let fate decide where you will eat.
  • Find a photobooth and make some memories.
  • Send someone a real life Valentine. Let ’em know they’re loved.
  • Celebrate the holiday by having some people over for a pizza party, or go out for brunch.
  • 3 words Ice Cream Sundaes
  • Go on a mini adventure with friends to a place you have been meaning to go but haven’t made time for like a museum, park, or restaurant.
  • Cook something spectacular together.
  • Turn off your cell phone and be present.
  • Make Heart shaped everything.
  • Movie night with friends and fancy popcorn.
  • Cocktails, really fun cocktails
  • Bowling, nothing says love like bowling shoes and nachos
  • Take all your change in weird jars and order takeout and eat it on fancy plates
  • Wine and cheese and chocolate covered strawberries and cured meats

What are your Valentine’s plans?

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