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My favorite part of Thanksgiving was the chance to sew with my Mom. I am making a bunch of things for a craft show this weekend and I needed my Mom’s help. We set up our little assembly line, turned on some classic rock pandora and got to work singing and sewing along. It was a great way to bond over something that we both love doing. It made me think about this article that I read last month titled, “The Gift of Not Giving a Thing”. As the gift giving season approaches it has me thinking of the kinds of gifts that I remember most fondly and the types of gifts that I want to give.

When I think about Christmas I think mostly about my extended family getting together, playing board games and eating lots of food. I remember baking pies with my grandfather, and the tradition of getting oranges in my stocking.  I don’t remember most of the gifts that I have received. There were a few extravagant gifts from my Mom like a sega game gear and laser tag which I remember because I knew my Mom had to save to get them and because I  loved playing with them. The story that I always tell though when I talk about my family and Christmas is that one year when I was in college I came downstairs to a TON of presents under the tree. Too many presents. I got nervous and concerned since I really didn’t need anything and I knew my Mom could not afford such an expensive Christmas. Then I started opening things and unwrapped my old thermos, then an old board game and I started cracking up, and asked my Mom what the deal was and she said, “I wanted you to rediscover the things that you already have.” We both started laughing hysterically at this point. It was so ridiculous and creative.

This year I hope to give thoughtful gifts, some will probably be purchased, a lot will be handmade, and I want to think of some experiences to give to people. The one thing that I know is the the last thing that people need is more stuff. Jason and I will come up with a budget and a plan, and I will keep you posted on how it goes.

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