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I have been enjoying this smoothie a lot recently and I thought I would share the recipe. I really feel like it does give me more energy for the day. I make it using this trick of attaching a mason jar on my blender so that I have one less thing to clean up. It’s based on this Dr. Oz smoothie with some slight variations, I didn’t like the way his tasted so I reduced the yogurt, added wheat germ, and took out some ice cubes so that it will fit in the mason jar.


I have been thinking about what I want this space to become. I am loving sharing bits of our story with you, but I thought that it would be fun if we could do some things together. Each week of 2014 I am going to post a little challenge for myself, and if you want you can try it out too. The challenges will be based around exploring, giving things up, giving things away, and making things. These are all areas that I want to grow in this next year.

So if you are up for it the first challenge is about exploring and setting goals for 2014.

Goal Wheel

This past year was focused on one thing. Finishing paying off the house. Now it is a bit overwhelming to think of all of the things that we have been putting off. So 2014’s motto is going to be “just do it”*.

When I think about where I want to be at the end of next year the one big thing that I want to have accomplished is to have our garage turned into a studio. This is a big construction project. It will give us a new space to work and keep all of our supplies, it could be used as a co-working area, a place for backyard workshops, and a roof deck that will double our outdoor space. If this is the only thing that happens next year then I will be ecstatic.

My other goals are based on the wheel of life up there. These are things that I would like to accomplish in other areas of my life. It’s a big long funky list, and I don’t really expect to accomplish everything but it will give me something to aim for.


  • Make Sundays totally sacred. I want to have one day of the week set aside to connect and recharge.
  • See my Mom once a month.
  • Visit my family in VA
  • Send Jason’s grandparents more letters: (I have been using the printic app to mail them little messages with printed instagram photos included)


  • I want to do the Philly sprint triathlon this year. This means getting a different bike and setting time aside to train.
  • I want to start shopping at markets (farmers markets, reading terminal, and the italian market) where they only sell whole foods so I will be less likely to buy things in packages with added ingredients


  • I want to Pray more with Jason and a group of girls
  • Share a meal a month with friends
  • Send more snail mail
  • I want to go fishing with friends
  • Be more active in our Home Meeting

HOME IMPROVEMENT (This is what I am the most afraid of)

  • Clean out the basement and garage: Sell and give away all of the things we no longer need
  • Fix the ceiling fan in our bedroom
  • Fix our stairs out front
  • Make an herb garden
  • Switch to more earth friendly home made cleaners
  • Renovate our garage in April: This means saving up money, lining up contractors, breaking down costs, and getting our hands dirty building!


I am currently building my own business. I am freelancing, I have my second craft show lined up and am working on a line of products.

  • I have a figure on paper that I would like to make every month
  • Find a mentor
  • I want to get a product made in Philadelphia to sell
  • Launch a collection of items


  • We are pretty good at setting aside a portion of our money aside to give. I would like to grow in the areas of giving my time and talents. I have a fun project in mind that I am not ready to share, but I will keep you posted as things develop.

Now I have made my goals public, I’m going to print these out and check in with you guys in June to get some accountability. I made a little goal making sheet if you want to follow along download it here. Feel free to make your goals public here or on our facebook page. I want to know what your plans are!

*Also known as the year of “getting sh*t done”

Bartering Follow-up

Bartering | We Made it Home


Remember how I was telling you about my adventures in bartering? Well I wanted to share this beauty with you. I was commissioned by my friend Lydia to make some ceramic pieces for a gift and when she asked me for pricing I was hoping that she would be up for a swap because she makes the most beautiful woven rugs. Fortunately she was, and this lovely piece of art will now have a home in our guest room.

She has retired from weaving for the time being in favor of being a doula and awesome mom, but you can see more of her weavings here.