On Faith and Blessing

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I don’t typically write about issues of faith on the internet, those conversations are saved for people that I have real life relationships with. I hate internet arguments, so if things like this tend to infuriate you or simply don’t interest you feel free to skip this post.

We have been blessed in that we haven’t had to scrape to get by in our marriage. Our basic needs have been met and the ability to cut back on our expenses and focus on the goal of paying off our house was a choice. My biggest struggle when it came to money was acknowledging that it was tied to my faith.

I remember sitting in a Bible study during college and a lady from the church was telling her family’s story of paying off their debts on a youth pastor’s salary. She said something that caught me off guard, and I was not sure if I believed it at first. She said, “When you rely on credit to buy what you want you are robbing God of opportunities to bless you.”

Her statement didn’t fully make sense to me until she unpacked it. She used an example of her family’s microwave breaking. Before she had gotten control of her spending and started paying off her debt she would have just gone out and purchased a new one even though they couldn’t afford one. After budgeting she decided she could wait to buy a new one. And as it happens, someone that she knew was replacing their microwave and was able to give her their old one. Since she had waited and not fulfilled her own needs this new microwave became a blessing and not a purchase.

As we started paying off our debt and stopped instantly gratifying our own needs it opened up new opportunities for God to bless us. My favorite example of this is the dish set that we have. I am a home product designer, so I nerd out on things like dishes. I really wanted this particular set of mid century Russel Wright dishes in gray. They have become really collectable, and I had started to slowly grow my collection through e-bay, but once we started budgeting I had to wait to buy more of them. I even prayed about them. I knew this was a trivial prayer but I really wanted them. Then months later I was at a huge flea market for work. I saw a lot of the dishes that I wanted but they were way overpriced mismatched and not the right color. Then I came to a table in the back of the flea market and there was an entire table with the exact gray pottery set that I had been wanting.

I asked the man “How much for the pottery?”

He replied , “for all of it?”

I said, “Sure for all of it”.

And he said $30.

I got dishes, and mugs and platters for $30. It would have been hundreds if I bought it on ebay. Since I had waited, God had been able to bless me.

There are lots of things that we have wanted to buy but haven’t been able to. It has made us more thankful for what we have and more astounded when those things show up unexpectedly as blessings. We have a weber grill and a tea pot given to us by friends without them knowing that we had been waiting to purchase them. Not to mention the vacation that I mentioned last week. Our friends have become agents of blessing. I know that everything we have is a blessing but these objects hold a completely different meaning to us than items we have purchased at the store. They have great stories and are evidence of God’s provision.


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2 thoughts on “On Faith and Blessing

  1. Annemarie

    This is an amazing way to look at the world. We had been needing (okay wanting) a snow blower and were pretty close to taking the money out of savings. All of a sudden, a co-worker was downsizing and had a nearly new snow blower as a long term loan. God absolutely blessed us & I’m only just realizing it! Thank you so much!


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