Lessons Learned while Paying off our House

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At certain times during our journey to debt freedom I got bored. I went through some weird hobby phases. You start doing crazy things when you are on a tight budget. I bring this up not to illuminate what big nerds we are but rather to show how budget constraints created new opportunities for us. I had to replace my shopping addictions and eating out habits with something. I found that when you cut out one thing you must replace it with another and if your options are limited you end up having to get creative. I started to get outside of my comfort zone.

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I did things like foraging with a meetup group comprised of homeopathic hippies and doomsday preppers. This was a whole new world where I got to get outside and explore and meet some very interesting people.

Carb quests where I would try and find the perfect biscuit recipe, take days to make bagels, or make my own wild fermented yeast bread inspired by these guys. It gave me a whole new appreciation for bread.

Propagating plants, and trading with friends. This has been exciting to watch my plant collection grow, learn about new specimens, and enjoy how pretty they are.

Painting a crazy labor intensive food blog, which almost resulted in a cookbook.

Jason preferred to do things like:

Build a computer.

Make 3d models and sell them online.

These were all things that have made me appreciate food, and plants, and sharing ideas so much more. You start to grow in weird ways as you get deeper in exploring the things that interest you and also when you share them with other people. When you cut out TV and leisure shopping you have time to do it.

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