Lessons learned while paying off our House

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Since we have spent all of this time avoiding spending money you might wonder what we do for fun. I like to think that anything can become an adventure, and I am amazed by simple things. Here are some examples of things that I love to do.

LISTENING TO PODCASTS: I love to learn things. I love information. Some of my favorite Saturday mornings are spent making a big brunch, listening to Car Talk, You Bet Your Garden, and A Splendid Table. I spend so much time working and listening to TED talks, This American Life, and anything else that I think might be interesting. I love listening to things that are inspiring, informative, and that make me think.

MAKING STUFF: There is no greater satisfaction for me than to sew something, use my kiln, or to make a meal. I get the most gratification from making something from nothing. Jason is the same way but he usually spends his time fixing things on the house or creating something on his computer.

BEING WITH FRIENDS: Doing anything.

GROCERY ADVENTURES: I love exploring the Italian Market, Chinatown, or Reading Terminal Market for groceries. It makes ordinary errands into an adventure. I purchase new ingredients and get out of my comfort zone. It wakes up all of my senses with new smells and bright packaging. I also end up interacting with new people since I have to ask questions about all of the things I am unfamiliar with.

GARDENING: Planting things and watching them grow is satisfying and exciting.

PARKS: I love picnics, ultimate frisbee, and watching boats go down the Delaware.

THE LIBRARY: Wandering around the huge library in center city makes me feel connected to the city in a way that few other things to. The building itself is beautiful and huge, there are weird corners and balconies to explore. And of course it is fun to browse the books and magazines.

RITTENHOUSE SQUARE: The best dog and people watching in the city. Get a cappaccino at La Colombe and I could spend my whole afternoon there.

MUSEUMS: There are so many great museums in Philadelphia. One of my favorites is the Wagner Free Science Institute. It’s a museum frozen in time with so many specimens and creatures to get your imagination going. The Rodin museum is free to walk around outside and is another favorite.

What kinds of things are you into?

Other cool inexpensive things to do if you are visiting Philly:

Bike or walk the Schuykill River Trail, run up the Art Museum Steps, explore boathouse Row, go to the top of City Hall

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