Financial Freedom

Simple Life PosterThis poster was designed by Haley Harmon and is available for purchase here.

When Jason and I got married and were thinking about our future together we thought a lot about freedom. We did not want to feel stuck in our jobs, we wanted more time to enjoy our friends and family and we wanted peace. So we ended up deciding to do something crazy, something that felt HUGE and nearly impossible. We decided when we first got married that we were going to pay off all of our debt including our house as fast as we could. We budgeted, lived on nothing, worked our butts off, skipped vacations, ditched our cable, learned to cook, found weird hobbies, and we were blessed. At the end of June of this year 3 years and 3 months from the time we bought our house we completed our goal. We paid off our house, I quit my job and we are currently living our dream of the simple life.

I am taking a leap of faith to talk about this in such a public forum, but we are so thankful and have learned SO MUCH in the process that I feel like we have to talk about it. I want to take some time in some upcoming blog posts and share with you the things that we have learned while tackling this mountain of a goal together. I hope that you will check back in to hear more about our journey.


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2 thoughts on “Financial Freedom

  1. Lana

    so so so proud, and its so inspirational and encouraging. I can’t wait to read more. Love you girl, and love you guys!


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