Anniversaries and Apples

Apple Picking Jason and I decided as our first anniversary approached that we would celebrate by following the list of traditional wedding gifts. It gives us fun parameters to be creative within. For four years of marriage the traditional gift is fruit or flowers, so we went apple picking. It was an extra special way to remember since we had the most amazing apple pies at our wedding.

We spent most of the day dreaming about what the future holds. But it was also really wild to think of the ways that we have been blessed, the loss and trials that we have walked through and the grace that we have been given in only 4 years. Here’s to a bajillion more.

We made apple pies with my grandfather’s old apple, peeler, slicer, corer with our harvest.


One thought on “Anniversaries and Apples

  1. Lana Thompson

    Cute pictures, cute couple, looks like an awesome day and I love the creative approach to tradition. Love you!


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